Bill Kloffenstein barbered there from 1911 to 1957 along with Sam Hartmann until 1967. Bill Eppinger completely remodeled the shop in 1967 to the way you see it today. In 2001 Dan Fritch began barbering and 2011 will mark a 100 years of barbering at 128 South Main Street, Zelienople, PA Today Eppinger’s Barbershop keeps alive the barbershop tradition. The local barbershop where national and world problems are solved and the sports scene is rehashed. Where guys can get in and get out with or without an appointment. And the barber knows and cares about how your taper looks.

The history of Barber Dan’s is the story of Bill Eppinger learning the barber trade from his father Hugh Eppinger who learned the trade from Uncle Leban. Bill Eppinger taught his stepson Dan Fritch the trade so he could do more sailing with Dan’s mom, Anglene or Angie. Bill still barbers in the mornings until lunchtime and Dan keeps the shop during the afternoons and early evening.