Why Barber Dan is neither Republican nor Democrat

Neither political party represents the American people or truth, justice and the American way. Neither political party is interested in standing up to the authoritarian intelligence community because they are afraid of them. Neither party is interested in enforcing the borders because one party wants the illegals to vote and the other party wants illegals to work cheap. Neither party wants federal power curtailed because the federal government is corrupt beyond anyone’s imagination.


The reason the federal government continues to grow regardless of who appears to be in charge is the Republicans are corporatists and the Democrats are communists. Corporatists use the federal government to enable their corporate masters. Communists use the federal government to control every aspect of our lives.


If an America First Party or Patriot party were formed 90% of Republicans would be aligned with patriotic measures like enforcing the borders. 30% of the Democrats would also be aligned with patriotic measures like sound money and a balanced federal budget and a super party would emerge. Barber Dan is very hard on both Democrats and Republicans because neither party represents American values and have not for generations.