Who Stands Up For The Little Guy?

Is anyone still unsure how the Democrats will govern in a crisis? Is anyone still unsure how weak and ineffective will be the Republican response? The government’s response to yet another media-generated crisis was draconian lockdowns and a government check. It’s the same old song from the same old hymn book by the same old choir of would-be tyrants.

Who stood up for the little guy during this horribly misguided social experiment? Who took a stand against oppression? Was it your local government? Was it the county? It certainly was not the commonwealth or the federal government. Was it the church? Was it our civic groups?

Holding us underwater until we turn blue is not building our immunity from tyranny. The pandemic of 2020 is proving what happens to a people who do not appreciate liberty is without price and oppression bears a heavy cost.

Daniel Fritch, Evans City

May 9, 2020 Letter to the Editor in the Butler Eagle