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Who Stands Up For The Little Guy?

Is anyone still unsure how the Democrats will govern in a crisis? Is anyone still unsure how weak and ineffective will be the Republican response? The government’s response to yet another media-generated crisis was draconian lockdowns and a government check. It’s the same old song from the same old hymn book by the same old choir of would-be tyrants.

Who stood up for the little guy during this horribly misguided social experiment? Who took a stand against oppression? Was it your local government? Was it the county? It certainly was not the commonwealth or the federal government. Was it the church? Was it our civic groups?

Holding us underwater until we turn blue is not building our immunity from tyranny. The pandemic of 2020 is proving what happens to a people who do not appreciate liberty is without price and oppression bears a heavy cost.

Daniel Fritch, Evans City

May 9, 2020 Letter to the Editor in the Butler Eagle

Why Barber Dan is neither Republican nor Democrat

Neither political party represents the American people or truth, justice and the American way. Neither political party is interested in standing up to the authoritarian intelligence community because they are afraid of them. Neither party is interested in enforcing the borders because one party wants the illegals to vote and the other party wants illegals to work cheap. Neither party wants federal power curtailed because the federal government is corrupt beyond anyone’s imagination.


The reason the federal government continues to grow regardless of who appears to be in charge is the Republicans are corporatists and the Democrats are communists. Corporatists use the federal government to enable their corporate masters. Communists use the federal government to control every aspect of our lives.


If an America First Party or Patriot party were formed 90% of Republicans would be aligned with patriotic measures like enforcing the borders. 30% of the Democrats would also be aligned with patriotic measures like sound money and a balanced federal budget and a super party would emerge. Barber Dan is very hard on both Democrats and Republicans because neither party represents American values and have not for generations.

Why Barber Dan thinks auditing the vote will save America

Individuals, corporations and non-profits are audited everyday by government. Who audits the government? Why is the vote not audited after every election? The answer is so Democrats and Republicans can cheat.


If it is true that in America all authority is vested in the American People than why do the States not require their counties be subjected to a thorough and complete audit of the vote after every election? Call your State Senator and ask why the people are subject to audits but our elections are not. Then respectfully request your State Senator do their sacred duty and make sure the vote is audited after every election and make sure Republicans and Democrats never cheat ever again.


Once America realizes the value of teaching civics again to our children we will never again be subject to laws that government officials are exempt from obeying!

Why Freedom died in America in 1913 and how we bring it back

Three things happened in 1913 that ended the American experiment in self-government by balancing and separating authority between local, State and federal government. The fraud and deceit used by evil corporatists and other collectivists extinguished Liberty from the face of the earth. The weapons leveled against the American people were two amendments to the U.S. Constitution that gave the federal government authority dominating individual and State sovereignty. The second was a central bank that was unaccountable to either the people or their elected representatives. America changed from a representative constitutional republic to an oligarchy in 1913. We the People of these United States have the power to take our freedoms back from evil pagan oligarchs.


The 16th Amendment upended the balance and separation of powers between the federal government the People of the States. It paved the way for the income tax and all the oppression that followed. The 17th Amendment eliminated the veto voice of the States in our federal Senate.  The Federal Reserve Bank is not federal or a reserve of any Godly value. The Federal Reserve Bank for over a century is the original union of corporatist and communist/collective value disguised as a bank. Everything the Federal Reserve does of value to the American People could be conducted by algorithms on a personal computer and audited by the Congress of these United States.


The Article V Convention of the States of 2023 will restore Liberty by repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments and limiting the terms of federal legislators. All of the sacrifice of our servicemen and women and their families will be honored by our restoration of our constitutional republic. All the evil done to America over the last 110 years will be taught to future generations of Americans as a warning to those who think freedom is free.